APICS SCOR Training course – January, 23-24-25 2019

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Milan, January 23-24-25 2019

Venue: Business Center, Via Monte Napoleone 8

SCOR–Professional Training Course: contents

This three-day course has been created to respond to the needs of professionals new to the Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) framework and implementation body of knowledge. Based on a solid repository of improvement program metrics and processes, SCOR has evolved to become an important performance management tool for companies seeking to elevate their supply chain performance. This course has been specifically designed to provide all types of professionals involved with supply chain:

  • Foundation knowledge of the SCOR Model Reference framework.
  • An understanding of how a supply chain performance team would utilize SCOR in an improvement program.
  • A comprehensive outline of the phases of a typical SCOR improvement program.

Completion of the SCOR Professional Training course will greatly improve participants’ knowledge and ability to utilize the SCOR framework and body of knowledge as they embark on their own supply chain improvement programs.


Through classroom discussion and practical, hands-on exercises participants will be able to:

  • Understand the origins and goals of the SCOR framework
  • Understand the structure of the SCOR two volume sourcebook
  • Work with the four central parts of the SCOR framework: Performance, Processes, Practices, People, and Green SCOR
  • Develop a SCOR improvement program
  • Understand the five phases of a typical SCOR improvement program
  • Apply the SCOR framework to an improvement project

By the conclusion of the course, participants will acquire practical tools to use as they embark on a major supply chain improvement program. Don’t miss your chance to gain an in-depth understanding of the SCOR model and demonstrate your commitment to your organization’s supply chain performance.

SCOR-P Examination

One Authorization to Text (ATT) for the SCOR-P endorsement exam is included in your SCOR-P training registration purchase and has two months validity starting from the ending course date. Candidates may purchase a SCOR-P retake exam for an additional fee.

Price (includes course materials and integrative, Bolstorff’s book, 3 lunch, 6 coffee break, APICS membership)

  1. 3500,00 € + V.A.T. 22% V.A.T., where requested (for APICS member)

Subscription deadline: write us for early bird prices.

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Day 1: Introduction to the SCOR Framework

  • Course introductions;
  • Defining SCOR and SCOR reference sources
  • Examining the portfolio of SCOR frameworks
  • Understanding and using the structure of the SCOR sourcebook
  • Reviewing SCOR nomenclature, codification, tables, and graphics
  • Working with SCOR Performance content and metrics
  • Working with SCOR Processes content and metrics
  • Working with SCOR Practices content and metrics
  • Working with SCOR People content and metrics
  • Working with Green SCOR content and metrics and resilience

Days: 2 and 3

  • Applying the SCOR framework: overview
  • Understanding the contents of the SCOR improvement program racetrack
  • Working with improvement program phase

1-Pre-SCOR Steps

  • Discussing the motivations for undertaking a SCOR improvement project
  • Developing the SCOR improvement program organization
  • Pre-SCOR case study

2-S: Set the Scope

  • Creating the supply chain definition matrix and supply chain geographic map
  • Formalizing the improvement program charter
  • S: Set the Scope Case StudY

3-C: Configure the Supply Chain

  • Defining the improvement program SCOR metrics Level1 and Level 2
  • Performing competitive requirements analysis and benchmarking
  • Performing the improvement program gap analysis
  • Creating a SCORcard
  • C: Configure the Supply Chain Case Study

4-O: Optimize Projects

  • Creating the preliminary project portfolio
  • Performing an opportunity analysis of improvement projects
  • Prioritizing improvement projects
  • O: Optimize Projects Case Study

5-R: Ready for Implementation

  • Improvement Project Charter
  • Creating SCOR level 4 processes
  • Testing, piloting, and rolling-out the process changes
  •  Selecting the next improvement project or begin the development of the next SCOR improvement program
  • R: Ready for implementation Case Study

Instructor: Samer AlMadhoun, (CSCP, SCOR-P), APICS CSCP/SCOR-P Master Instructor, MBA, CDDP, Managing Director at MUHAKAT Institute

Samer brings a wealth of  experience in Various supply chain positions that he utilizes in consulting and training for Supply Chain ,  Delivered more than 1000 hours of APICS education in In Public and In-House Format In EMEA region. Having worked for national and multinational companies for the past 20 Years , He successfully completed major supply chain infrastructure projects for erecting factories , Airports and Transportation hubs in the EMEA region. Currently, Samer’s mission is to create a SCOR culture for supply chain improvement through educating and consulting with companies to implement SCOR. Helping enterprises to realise value through process improvement. Samer won the 2017 APICS Award of Excellence during the last APICS Conference in San Antonio (TX).


Co-Instructor: Bruno Stefanutti (CPIM, CSCP, CLTD, SCOR-P), CPIM Master Instructor, SCOR Associate Instructor

Mr. Bruno Stefanutti is founder and CEO of Consept, a consulting, training&education firm sited in Padua (Italy) and APICS International Channel Partner since 2014; he obtained his degree as Electronic Engineer at Padua University in 1991 and, as first job, he worked for Italian Navy as officer responsible for verifying and measuring the electronic equipments installed aboard the new naval units. Later, he was IT manager involved  in managing the introduction and implementation of technology solution for fashion industry, working very close to Prada, Burberry’s and Hermes IT department for implementing sales data integration process. Because he understood that the technology solution is nothing without a solid process analysis, he naturally moved to the field of business process reengineering, becoming an expert of processes design and simulation, business requirements and change management, project management. For that reason his company, Consept, is naturally involved in organizational and technological projects, also offering APICS  courses on Supply Chain management. Consept was founded on 2007 as affiliated the University of Padua Firm’s Incubator, called Start Cube (www.startcube.it); the professional services offered by Consept are: 1. analysis, measure and improvement of supply  chain processes; 2. analysis and consulting about production organization and performances; 3. business requirements formalization (RFP), software selection, project management and change management; 4. management and cost  control, profit analysis. In 2012 Mr. Stefanutti wrote a book or WOLKTERS-KLUWER about implementation of ERP systems in SME companies, from business requirements to implementation. He collaborates with the Venice University Ca’ Foscari (Economics Dept.) in a course about standard architecture and organizational impacts of ERP information systems implementation.  He obtained the APICS CPIM, CSCP, CLTD certifications and the SCOR-P endorsement and he’s APICS CPIM Master Instructor and APICS Associate Instructor SCOR-P/CSCP/CLTD as well. He’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology MicroMasters Supply Chain Management candidate. He’ one of the fifteenMASTER SCOR Instructor in the world.


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